Namrata sirodhkar visits Tirupathi with kids

Mahesh babu’s wife Namrata Sirodhkar visited Tirupathi along with her kids and got her head tonsured in order to offer the hair to the Temple. Arjun , the son of Mahesh and Namrata accompanied her with other family members whereas the super star missed to be part of this event to attend the shoot of upcoming movie with Murugadoss.




Mahesh babu wife in tirupati

It is reported that other pilgrims who learnt about the visit of Namrata tried heading towards her and requesting for a selfie and pics. Isn’t it too embarrassing for some one to pose while the head is shaved and that too for a woman ???……..


Mahesh’s family is rarely seen in the publicĀ  and more over this is probably the first time they are spotted in a pilgrim center. Usually super star’s family is seen holidaying in Europe and it is well known that Mahesh loves to post some lovely pics of holidaying on twitter and instagram.

Not sure when Mahesh babu will be seen in places like Tirupathi or infact at any place in India holidaying or seeking spiritual time.



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