Mohan Lal Randamoozham

Mohan Lal’s Randamoozham based on the author MT Vasudevan Nair’s Mahabharat war from Bheem’s point of view. The Malayalam super star had announced in a recent interview that he got the bounded script ready and the movie is all set to hit the sets by summer. It is reported that many other Indian stars such as Amitabh, Vikram, Nagarjuna etc.. are trying to be roped in the project for different roles of Mahabharat story and this huge star cast and the war scenes is the reason why the makers have decided to fund around 600 crores for the movie.

Mohan lals randamoozham

The book ” Randamoozham” was earlier created sensation as the concept of viewing the war from Bheema sena’s point of view. Bheema , one among the five Pandavas is one of the main avenger in the Epic who challenges to break the thigh of Duryodhan and finally he succeeds in doing it and kill it.


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