Mahesh babu upcoming movies are the most awaited movies in Telugu film industry as the super star has got the image of pulling both mass and family &educated audience to the theatres and this is the resaon why his hit movies break the Box office records every time. Mahesh babu upcoming movies list is here below with complete details of cast&crew. Most of the Mahesh movies are dubbed in various languages and few of them are remade in other languages and made huge business. 

Mahesh babu Murugadoss movie ( Yet to be titled) — Shooting in progress
Mahesh babu Vamshi Paidipalli movie ( yet to be titled) — Script work in progress, to get on sets right after ARM’s movie.
Mahesh babu Puri Jagannadh movie “” Janaganamana” —– Mahesh is yet to officially announce but Puri confirmed that he got ” Yes” from super star for the movie which is to start in 2017.


Currently, two movies are confirmed and  in the loop line,  one with Murugadoss which is already being shot and the other one is queued up to be started right after this under the production of PVP banner.

The Tollywood super star ‘s scheduled is tightly packed for next two years with already committed movies with the top south indian directors.  The next movie of Mahesh babu is with A.R.Murugadoss which is likely to get released by the end of 2016 or During Sankranti of 2017. The upcoming movies list of Mahesh babu is  usually not big as Mahesh only works on one project at time and only agrees to start his next once the current movie is finished.   However, due to the recent disaster “Brahmotsavam”  the Tollywood Prince has decided to work for more movies simultaneously in order to stretch a helping hand to the distributors and buyers who lost huge money due to the movie.


Around dozen top directors are expecting to get a chance to direct Mahesh currently but super star has confirmed only one movie now and it is with AMR and in talks with various other directors of Telugu and Tamil.

The movie with Murugadoss  is being produced by Tagore Madhu and the music is being composed by Harris Jayaraj.

Mahesh murugdoss movie

The Tamil actor /director , S.J Suryah is playing the Antagonist role who earlier directed Mahesh in science fiction ” Naani” a decade ago.


Mahesh babu Vamshi paidipally movie


The another upcoming movie of Mahesh babu is under the production of PVP. Potluri vara Prasad who earlier produced Brahmotsavam is promised by Mahesh that he would be working for another film to cover the losses acquired by the distributors. Hence this movie is yet to be kick started right after the ARM’s movie.

The PVP banner had officially announced on August 09th on the occasion of super star’s birthday that it would be directed by Vamshi paidipally.

Mahesh babu vamshi paidipally movie



Super star Mahesh has signed two films officially and almost every top director is waiting to make the movie with him. BahuBali director S.S.Rajamouli had already announced that the agreement for the Mahesh babu’s movie was already signed before the release of Bahubali itself and would start the movie right after Bahubali 2.

The Srimanthudu movie director ” Koratala siva” has readied another script for Mahesh babu and the pair is likely to kick start the project by December 2016. This movie would only be released by mid 2017.

Various top directors have announced to work with Mahesh but however, most of them are not successful in convincing him with the proper script.  Due to the disaster of Brahmotsavam, Mahesh is very much conscious about picking up his next projects.

Mahesh agreed to work with Surya24 director ” Vikram Kumar” however, it is reported to have suggester to the later to come up with betterment of the script to adapt to Telugu nativity.


The Bahubali Genius ” Rajamouli” had announced that he has already signed a movie with Mahesh but the wonderful team up of this due is highly impossible till next year as Rajamouli is busy with Bahubali2.

The Rajamouli and Mahesh’s movie is rumoured to be of an Indian James Bond concept.

Mahesh babu's james bond


Trivikram and Mahesh are most sensational pair and most of fans are awaiting for a super star’s movie from Trivikram as Mahesh babu was first elevated to a decent and serious action role in the movie ” Athadu” which was a huge hit . However, Trivikram is all busy in directing other actors and made a statement that he currently has no story which would suit the super stars stature but soon he gonna come up with one.

Puri Jaganaadh is rumored to have promised by Mahesh babu for a movie but due to busy schedule the duo is not able to club in the year 2015. However, Puri may get a chance to direct Mahesh in 2016/2017 as Usually Puri would not take much time to complete the movie.

Puri jagannadh movie with mahesh babu

Puri jagannadh had tweeted earlier this year that his next movie with Mahesh is confirmed as ” Janaganamana” and he made a statement that the character of the super star in the movie would be More ruthless than ” Pokiri” and more powerful than ” Business man”. Both these movies were earlier directed by Puri and Pokiri starring Mahesh remained as one of the biggest hits of Telugu cinema.

However, it is not finalized from the Mahesh’s end whether he agreed to do this project or not as Puri is well known to announce movies every now and then but he would only be able to get them to sets rarely due to many factors.

Mahesh is kind of a professional who would not make any statement in public until the things are finalized so there is no way to believe until it is made public by super star that his next movie is ” Janaganamana”.


The below is the first look released by Puri on twitter:

Mahesh puri janaganamana

It is an open fact the every Telugu and even the Tamil top directors like Shankar and Mani Ratnam are interested to work with Mahesh. Mani Ratnam had earlier roped up Mahesh in a multi starrer and Mahesh too was interested to work with him but due to schedule issues the movie could not be started as it was a multistarrer including one Tamil star aswell.


Shankar had announced infront of media that he wish to work with Mahesh as he is one of the few actors in India who  expresses with eyes.


However, Mahesh usually works with the directors who come with good scripts like he gave opportunities to the almost new directors like ” Koratala siva” who directed ” Srimanthudu” which grosses 150+crores.

MurugaDoss , the second most successful and top director of Tamil cinema in the current generation had tried hard to start ” Kathi” in Telugu with Mahesh but Superstar had rejected the offer remembering that he will never work in a remake. However, now his current movie is with Murugadoss on a fresh project. Telugu moviesTollywoodMahesh babu new movies,Mahesh babu next movie,Mahesh babu upcoming movie,Mahesh babu upcoming movies,mahesh trivkiram third mvi,mahesh vamsi paidipalli movie
Mahesh babu upcoming movies are the most awaited movies in Telugu film industry as the super star has got the image of pulling both mass and family &educated audience to the theatres and this is the resaon why his hit movies break the Box office records every time. Mahesh...
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