Kodanda Ram political party

Kodanda Ram Reddy Muddasani , famously known as Kodandaram sir the chairman of TJAC is all set to found a new political party to counter check the ruling TRS party. The ex professor at university who played the crucial role in the Telangana movement is now trying to question the failures of the Telangana government. Starting with Mallanna Sagar Project protestors till the Unemployment rally this week, all the attempts of Kondaram were successfully dismantled by KCR and moreover Mr.Reddy had been gradually loosing his TJAC members to TRS party, Hence , he seems to have decided to start his own political party to checkmate the might KCR……… But the Main question being pointed out by many Telanganites is ……… Who is behind Kodandaram ???? …Why is Kodandaram heading against KCR for almost every thing and not seemed to be happy with his any achievements as the best CM in India ( rated as per Modi’s recent Survey)????………..


Kodandaram political party

Kodanda Ram in a recent interview with ABN Radha Krishna mentioned that KCR had promised around 1.2 lakhs jobs in the newly formed Telangana state but had allotted only some 18K jobs so far in 3 years. He also added that the retired employees list in these 2 years would add up to another 15K jobs and even those need to be filled by the government but the ruling party is behaving as if there are no vacancies available and no such promise of one lakh jobs was ever made.


The T JAC chairman had raised a very good question but the question raises in every curios brain is that  , Why Telangana people are not much influenced by this professor and coming on to the roads to join the protest

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