Kamal Haasan’s Shabhash Naidu

Kamal Haasan’s new movie is titled Shabhash Naidu in both Tamil and Telugu and in Hindi it is named as ” Shabhash Kundu”. This is a complete out and out Comedy entertainer which was supposed to be directed by Rajeev Kumar.

The music of Shabhash Naidu is being composed by Ilaya Raja and the story and the screenplay for the movie is provided by Kamal himself.


Shruti Haasan the daughter and noted current star actress and Ramya Krishnan are playing the lead role.

Shabhash Naidu resembles the character of a funny but dedicated police officer in the Kamal’s ” Dashavataram” released in 2008.

shabhash naidu cast and crew

Kamal who played 10 roles in that movie was successful in performing comedy through this character who is an old intelligence officer who is fond of his mother tongue ” Tamil”.


Brahmanandam is playing an important role in the movie which as per the poster seems to be most influencing in the movie.  Brahmanandam in Shabhash Naidu movie would give huge boost for the movie business in the Telugu states and also in north as the comedian is highly famous through his numerous Telugu movies.  The poster shows Brahmi sitting behind Kamal in a hectic journey reveals that Brahmi’s character runs along with Kamal in the movie.


kamal hasan's Shabash naidu





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