Kaala movie controversy on Ram Raavan story

Kaala movie raked a controversy on Lord Ram and Raavan. The movie is proclaimed to be based on a Slum area and it’s he.ro who is protrayed as Raavan and this automatically made people feel that the Antoganist is shown as Ram. This upset the Hindus in Telugu states and people expressed their feelings. The issue rose to the level where the News channels started conducting debates on it. The director P.A Ranjit who has already once disappointed Rajni fans with ” Kabaali” movie,  had surprisingly got a second chance to direct super star. Fans were upset about this and the pre release waves were too less compared to any Rajnikanth movie in the last two decades .

Kaala movie controversy on lord ram raavan

The Director P.A .Ranjith who is known to be a casteist ( Using Dalit brand) had shown his hate on other castes of society in the movie Kabaali . It was a shocking thing for film lovers to know that this big time flop director is going to director superstar for second consecutive time.  As worried the movie “Kaala” too is failing to impress Rajni fans at the box office and to worsen things the director had scripted the movie in such a controversial way that it links Ram and Raavan in the story. Even the songs of the movie mentions the name Raavan while referring to the protagonist of the story.

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