Jabhardast Dhanraj Adult movie

Jabardast fame Dhanadhan Dhanraj is making his debut as a solo lead actor in the movie ” Panileni Puliraja”. Dhanraj is playing the role of son in law the comedian Kondavalasa. The first look of the movie creating sensation due to the ugly act by both the actors.

comedian dhanraj new movie


This seems to have crossed all the limits of the healthy comedy.

People expect healthy and creative comedy from the creative film fraternity and this will surely rain the wealth at box office but if the same is found revolving around adult and vulgar comedy , the movie though declared as hit, will not be accepted by the audience of the family sections. The trend is that most of the people are watching the movies along with the families at the A and multiplex centers and these centers are the main source for huge collections at the box office.


If the movie has adult content and the comedy which cannot be enjoyed along with the family, people may not prefer to watch the movie. The directors like Maruthi have experienced it in the past with the movies like Eerojullo and Busstop.  Though the movies were big hits could not collect enough money at the box office and Maruthi was labelled as the director of vulgar comedy.

He had to work so hard to come out of this image and finally BBM was a huge hit recently with healthy comedy and the result is that the movie is running with the gross of 25+crores at the box office though being a low budget movie.

Therefore, it is already being discussed that Dhanraj may taste bitter experience with this movie as the poster itself is conveying the wrong message.

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