Tamil Actor Vijay Anti Bjp Comments in Mersel movie

Actor Vijay is now being considered as an actor with Anti Hindu principles and some of the citizens are highly upset with his behavior. It is well known that he is a staunch Christian and his pair up with Director Atlee for the Movie “Mersal ” with some ideological content aiming to malign the right wing BJP rule in the country has added fuel to the fire. The dialogues in the movie talking about Indian governement taxes and medical facilities along with comparing that of the Singapore country had raked huge controversies across the south India. 

Tamil actor vijay anti hindu
Actor released his statement thanking co stars supporting him in this controversy “. However, didnt acknowledge to public comments on his ill comparison and provoking attitude.





A scene in the movie compares the Indian taxing system of 18% on most of the goods with that of 7% tax in the Singapore country. The movie talks about the free medical service being provided by the singapore governmentand questions why Indian government fails to do so even after charging almost 10% extra tax. This illogical questioning had made people to crack jokes on film makers. Some on social media sites even doubted about the educational qualifications of the director and script maker as comparing 120 crore populated India with less than 1 one crore populated Singapore in terms of public service schemes make no sense.  Govt of India do provide free medical service and over 1 million surgeries and major operations take place in Government hospitals every day.  There are alteast Hundreds of Hospitals in every state which work for free on govt funded money.


However, the standards provided in public health centers and some hospitals run by Government  are not up to the mark and rarely even leads to death of the patients due to careless attitude of authorities as some times the doctors and authorities are overloaded with work. ( It is highly difficult to provide 100% perfect medical service to the population of 120cr ) and it is well agreed that govt funded medical hospitals do not maintain world class standards.  Majority of the highly qualified doctors would not like to work in a government hospital as they feel their right to charge huge amounts for each surgery they do and this is impossible for any govt to pay.

Questioning of 18% tax and ridiculing about not providing world class service shows either the poor knowledge of the film makers or their ideological agenda to push in to public through this movie.

People started question this director and the Actor about various subsidies public get in India as in terms of Reservations in jobs, Scholarships, Gas subsidies, Farmer loan waive off, Free homes etc.. which is not possible in Singapore.  People in Singapore cant evade taxes, the tax evader would find himself in Prison whereas movie stars, business men, Journalists etc.. in India never pay the correct amount of tax and roam free in public.

They travel in Rolls Royce, live in million dollars Bungalow and travel only in Business class flights with lot of security around them and servants , throw lavish parties to co celebs and make show off ……………..But end up paying annual tax in pea nuts…



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