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Ilayaraja , a dalit man who won hearts of all the sections of the south indian society with his crazy music has been finally awarded with second highest civilian award . The man of Melodies, the creator of Fusion of Indian classic and western music in the late 80s is one of the popular and most loved Indian musicians.  No Music lover has ever seen Ilayaraja as a Dalit man or untouchable and infact, people competed to touch his feet at various occasions. Ilayaraja is considered as Saraswati putra and Pandit by the so called Elite Brahmin class of film industry. Ilayaraja has been an upset factor for Dalit and Dravidian movement activists as his rise and image strikes of their point of Dalits being disrespected and oppressed every time in the society.  Ilayaraja has proved once again, that no Dalit is every crushed if he/she really possess the skill.

Ilayaraja dalit

The Ace Tamil director ” Bharati Raja” went on to Criticize “Ilayaraja” that he was awarded ” Padma Vibhushan”( the second most highest civilian award by Indian government ) only because he is Dalit. He went on to ridicule that Ilayaraja is dreaming up to become Iyer after he got the award. The insane comments of this erstwhile director had exposed the cruel nature of Dravidian movement. The Tamil dravidian movement is not supported by other south indian states because they discovered the hidden agenda of these Tamil radicals of the post independence era whose sole ideology was to disown every thing which is Indian claiming it to be of North Indian which is Alien to them but show no shame to adopt the white mans culture and its tradition.


One could find rack full  of Audio cassettes with songs of Ilayaraja in every home irrespective of caste in 90s.

The opportunistic Dalit activists and the political parties who bank on Dalit votes are calling the act of Central govt of India awarding a dalit the second highest civilian award as  a act of wooing Dalits. Well, it is understood that there is a  problem when some one is not recognized but how is this justified to ridicule when a deserving candidate gets the award in a right way.

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