Highest paid villains in Indian cinema

The highest paid villains ( Antagonists) in the Indian film industry is here below which keep changing from some time now , however with the entry of Arvind swamy , it seems like the top slot going to be for him for some time now. The damn good looking ( with huge female following in 90s) actor had returned to film industry after a while with Tamil block buster ” Thani oruvan” as Villain. Here is the current trend :

  1. Arvind Swamy

    ( charged 3.5 Cr + luxury allowances) for ” Dhruva” :  The Telugu remake of Thani Oruvan starring Ram charan Tej too had Arvind swamy as villain as film makers could not imagine any other in the place of him for the role.

highest paid villain arvind swamy

Followed by the huge success of Thani Oruvan, Arvind started hiking his remuneration further and it reported that it could go closer to 5 Cr with all lavish allowances.


2. Akshay Kumar :

Akshay kumar reportedly charged around 12Cr for the movie ” Robo -2.0″ . However, one needs to remember that Akki is a well established Bollywood star and would not be acting as Antagonist again and again.

Highest paid villain akshay kumar

It should be understood that Akshay only agreed to play this role because it is one of the high budget movies ever made in India and out of repsect to Rajnikanth the ultimate superstar of the nation. It is also a pride to work with director like Shankar who made one of the best Indian movies like Robo, I, Indian etc..

3. Jagapathi Babu :

The Macho man and Family movie star of the past Telugu cinema ” Jagapathi babu” who was broke financially so pathetic that he even had to sell his house ( note: his family owned Rolls Royce in 70s, that rich kid this guys was ). His fate took him to a twist again with the role he played as Antagonist in ” Legend” starring Balakrishna.  The villain character ” Yugandhar” had brought him the heavenly fortunes in such a way that he had appeared in more than 20 films as Antagonist in the last 2 years featuring super stars such as ” Rajnikanth” , Mahesh babu etc..


highest paid villains in telugu industry

This ” Jaggu bhai” is charging around 1.5 Cr for the film ( based on the character) and it is to be noted that he was hardly paid a million or more rupees when he was playing the ” Lead” Protagonist role till few years back.  The Villain role has really made him a star again and also kept his bank balance increasing.

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