Great Andhra ridicules Vijay Devarakonda as a Telangana actor

Great Andhra website which claims to be as No.01 Telugu website ridicules Vijayadevarakonda and limit him to be an actor for Telangana. The leading online media for Telugu cinema confines Vijaya Devarakonda ( The rising star who entered 40 Cr club with just third movie) to Telangana state and calls him a Telangana actor. This is shame and disgusting to the Telugu cinema and also to the Cinema based Media as there is nothing called Telangana cinema or Andhra cinema.  Now one can argue that since he hails from Telangana region , he is being called as Telangana actor. Ok, Well understood but most of the actors hail from Andhra region , can they be called as Andhra Actors and not Telugu actors.

The website which is known to give awkward feeling while reading it’s pages, also mentions that it was Telangana people who made the movie ” Arjun Reddy” a hit. This is the most pathetic line a movie lover can ever hear. The movie ” Arjun reddy” is admired and loved by all Telugu audience. It was very well appreciated by critics and celebrities including Mahesh babu and Bahubali Rahamouli. The director was immediately called by Mahesh who expressed his interest to work with him.


Great andhra calls vijay devarakonda a telangana actor

The site blames Vijay Devarakonda for the incident of Sree reddy abusing Pavan kalyan as ” MaderC…” . The author tries to convince that Sree Reddy acted partly under the influence of Arjun Reddy movie where the character played by Vijay abuses the protagonist with this word.  How on the earth the author can even think in this way as it is very well known to every one that it was Ram Gopal verma who encouraged Sree Reddy to abuse Pavan in such way.


Even if the author is worried about using such foul word in the movie, he should first watch the movie and understand that the movie is based on the character of a Medico who has anger management issues with no control on himself . The story demands the character to use such language to express his temper.

Great andhra on vijay devarakonda

The above statements by the author sounds so silly as it is not the first time these words were used by filmy stars of Telugu cinema.  There are many movies were the lead actors infact even the female stars abusing the other character with the word ” Lan..Ko “…. which is nearly the same meaning of   ” Mader..C… ” in other way but the only major difference is that the later word is only head in Hyderabad area and the former is heard using in all the places of Telugu states. So Dear Great Andhra, which word influences most people ?? 

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