Congress Worker follows Modi’s advise of selling Pakoda

Congress Worker followed the advise of Prime minister Narendra Modi and started selling Pakodas for livelihood only to become instant hit in the business. Mr.Narayanbhai Rajput who is a hardcore congress party worker and student leader back in college days had completed post graduation in Hindi literature. However , he was not successful in getting a decent job as the demand for learning Hindi language at college level dropped down drastically. Though being a congress admirer ,  Mr. Rajput heard Modi’s speech in which the Prime minister spoke few words about dignity of labor in selling Pakodas. He compared that selling Pakoda is lot better than being unemployed as by selling Pakodas you are your own boss and could employ some others. Mr. Rajput who started his Pakoda business in Vadodara with just 10 kg of raw flour in one small stall has now expanded his business to 20 stalls across the city and he sells pakoda of around 600 kg per day.

Modi Pakoda selling advise worked


Congress party which ridiculed Narendra Modi’s advise to youth about selling Pakodas would surely regret now as their own member has now taken his words as inspiration and succeed in his life. His business turned so instantly hit that he started employing helpers to run his business and expand further.  His Chain of stalls ” Sri Ram Dalwada ” sells 300 kg of Dal wada every morning and sells almost the same amount of other snacks in the evening. 

His business has grown to a daily turn over of around 1.2 lakh a day which is probably equal to single store of any giant food chain like Dominos. Not to forget that it just happened in the last 6 months and there is a long way to go.


It is a habit in the country to ridicule the person who gives good advises or who talks the fact. The jobs are created by the great personalities, the countries like you US have numerous Entrepreneurs who who started their journey with little money and grew bigger. The Giants like KFC and Amazon are good examples. Though India doesnt have unemployment issues much , thanks to the worst technical colleges which produce lakhs of technical graduates every year who are unfit to even format the computers but still call themselves as Computer graduates. Similar is the case with bunch of Business colleges every city has which produce zero talent MBA graduates who are mocked by the giant Business school grads as Master of balls.

Pakoda seller making millions as per narendra modi advise

The political parties across the country mocked the prime minister about his advise to youth to grow as entrepreneurs and part of his speech he mentioned about selling snacks is lot better than sitting idle and this statement was used in a negative way by his haters and there were protests across the country by different political parties using some jobless educated youth who claimed themselves as doctors and engineers and protested prime minister’s statement by cooking Pakodas on the streets. Well, were Doctors and Engineers ever asked to sell Pakodas ?

Let us look at how some parties mocked prime minister for his statement on dignity of labor :




But One Congress worker took it serious and he is making millions but these self proclaimed skilled graduates are still in job searching…….  Probably they can get busy in fake protests done by Congress and other left parties and get daily wages.

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