Communists create terror at Dharnachowk Hyderabad

The Dharnachowk in Hyderabad today had witnessed the violence created by few parties who attacked the locals demanding for the removal of Dharna chowk.  The “Dharnachowk” near Indira park in Hyderabad is a main traditional center for all kind of protests including the Historical Telangana movement. The local residents near by have been requesting government to move this platform and shift it to far away location as this is regularly creating nuisance with tension atmosphere around them every time a mob gathers to display their protest. As government decided to move this platform upon the local’s request, the opponent parties took this opportunity to mock on government but inturn they ended up attacking the locals and by destroying the furniture in a brutal way, hammered their self image.

Dharna chowk communist party

However, when locals gathered in a small meeting to discuss about strengthening their agenda of having this protest platform shifted to other place, A mob with communist flags attacked and threatened the local residents to run away from the place and broke all the chairs and tables in the event. Looking at the terror acts of comrades, the locals were so terrified and shared their feelings with the media that they are now much scared that the area would remain with regular violence of different protest groups .

It is reported that even janasena party activists were hanging around with flags and political pundits claim that this foolish involvement of Janasena would hit hard on their image.

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