Bengal Tiger Movie review

Ravi Teja’s Bengal Tiger Movie review and rating with in detailed explanation of the movie concept, music, back ground score, Screen play etc…  The Sampath nandi directed movie is purely a mass entertainer with no logic.



Yes , read write. In one sentence, the movie Bengal Tiger could reviewed as a Mass entertainer with no logic.

The movie is similar to Balupu and Power in terms of enriched mass equations and hence totally a huge smash at box office and a breather for Ravi Teja but however the multiplex audience or families for that matter would find themselves in the wrong cinema hall.

Narration:   The movie narration keeps the audience so excited about the story /flash back but  in the second half much before the flash back scenes are played, the certain viewer would loose the interest.

The movie starts with the action episode where the Macho Actor would walk on the deal bodies submerged in the muddy water of a lake where the crusade takes place.

Bengal tiger review

This is one of the deadliest and terrific Introduction scene of the lead actor in the recent movies and received a good response in the halls.

The lead character is all about taking revenge of his father’s murderers and this would be revealed only in the end of the movie by which the audience lack the interest in watching the movie.

The turn in the movie takes when lead character decides to become famous in the state in any ways. He throws stone at the minister in a public meeting and then director convinces us with some drama in police station that our Hero had impressed that minister and he invites hero to be his advisor and part of his companion. 

Hero goes on to impress the state’s home minister too in the process and flirts his only daughter who is already engaged to another guy. Home minister finally agrees to marry his daughter to hero and announces the same in an evening party but our Hero rejects the offer in the party and declares that he is in love with a girl who is the only daughter of the state’s Chief minister who is present at the party with his daughter too.

The movie goes on with highly electrifying shocks and illogical twists which are not possible in real life and this makes the learned audience irritated.

However, the movie is full of mass appealing scenes, unwanted mass beat with extra ordinary back ground music.


Strengths :

First half comedy 

Twist before the interval

Hot and mature actress ( Tamanna is at the best in exposing for the first time )

Mass beats, official replacement for Thaman SS is found in Tollywood.

 Drawbacks :


Old story of revenge drama.

Illogical script

Boring second half


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