Babu Gogineni a anti Hindu agent

Babu Gogineni is an anti Hindu agent funded by foreign forces to speak /act against only Hindu religion , it’s traditions and rituals, claims many social media users as he repeatedly seen debating about only the Hindu Astrology, Pranic healing, Ayurvedic, no science in Vedas etc…   He assumes himself to be a Humanist and Human right activists but all his acts expose him to be an Anti Hindu agent.  Let us get deep in to his subject to find out whether he is really a clean Humanist or a foreign funded/other religion (like Christian missionaries) funded agent to make Hindus lose their belief on their culture and gradually get attracted to other religion.

babu Gogineni exposed


Initially Telugu people were so impressed with him about his approach on superstitions and disbelief which most of the educated people understand the differences. It is a great trend in India where educated people though being spiritual do not believe in fake swamijis / superstitious hoaxes and this section of people initially were so impressed with Babu gogineni and wanted to have  more people like this to make rural and tribal people be aware of fraudsters. 

However , gradually Babu Gogineni got himself in to the role of bashing only Hindu traditions. His regular debates only on Hindu traditions like Jyothishyam ( Astrology) , believe in the god, Idol worship etc.. and the way he debates and insults Hindu saints and astrologers in a disrespectful manner made people upset. It got more worst when people saw more other religion people appreciating him and becoming his team members. However, he has never seen talking about any other religion acts.


It is highly encouraged to expose fake Babas who claim them to be Gods or Avadhoothas with mystic powers but at the same time it is a minimum common expectation from the people to see the similar Atheist and rational speakers also talk about Illegal and Fraudulent missionary activities. Christian Missionaries and Evangelists are often seen curing Cancer, Aids, Diabetes in public meetings and there are even videos which show that Evangelists made disabled (feet) persons to walk instantly after they prayed.

Fake swamijis and Babas have gradually reduced in India now a days and the trend of Guru is gradually disappearing and public are only approaching the actual Peetadhipathis/mathadhipadhis ( ancient monastries) for spiritual knowledge. Hence, the superstitions or being victim of the fraud is gradually disappearing and almost vanished in the country except in highly remote or rural areas.

But Mr.Gogineni Babu is never seen commenting or conducting debates on Christian missionaries fraud activities. If one is a real rational speaker, he/she must be fair with all the sections he is only seen bashing Hindus.

He stooped down to so low level that he had a problem when S.S Rajamouli ( Director of Epic movie Bahubali) visited temple along with the family. Rajamouli once expressed he is almost like atheist but he experiences the spiritual calmness in some places and thus often seek loneliness in some places which happen to be river banks or temples.   Any ways, Who was this Babu Gogineni to questions Rajamouli’s free right of visiting temple , irrespective of whether he is atheist or believer??..

Humanist in BabuGogineni is exposed !!! He is not Humanist he is an hidden agent of foreign forces..


Babu earlier spoke lot about ‘ End of the world” hoax. well, India never believed in End of the world hoax which spread around 2012 because ancient Indian scripts talk about end of the world which is suppose to happen after almost couple of thousands of years but again that is not end of the world , but just simply the end of the Yuga and the cycle of Yugas repeat.  
Babu gogineni anti hindu

So what was this Suit Boot man with Specs trying to create lot of buzz of End of the world belief??   It was the Western world which believed in this and also lot of movies were made on it. Why was he so much interested in talking about some thing which India ….specially Telugu states were never interested in and  never believed in…..

He was initially trying to prove same thing which majority of the people never believed in and hence he got a little support then…..   he took this advantage and made some fans and followers.


When the entire country is the burning issue of ” Triple Talaaq’ and there is serious attempt by Indian government to end this evil privilege of Muslim men to use women and reject with just three words , Babu Gogineni was after the Indian astrologers and other anciently saints.

Why was Babu Gogineni a Humanist/ Rationalist/ Human rights activists blah blah blah… not seen campaigning and debating about Triple Talaaq?????  Questioned many youth on Internet !!

Is he scared to talk about ills and superstitions in Islam which are much more dangerous than any other community??


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