Arnab goswami starts new channel

Arnad Goswami’s news channel is all set to start in days now.  After the announcement of the resignation today around 05:30 in the official meet in the Times now office, he made the statement that ” the real game begins now ” .  It is already speculated in the recent months that Arnab who is the popular media journalist and editor in the country is aiming to encash his popularity and trust to start a new channel of his own.

Arnab goswami starts new channel

It is observed that he made a statement about emerging of an independent media in the country. This proves that Arnab is not comfortable with the usual pressures that surround an average journalist.  May be he is hinting that he is not able to work with full independence under others supervision and that is the reason why he is wishing to start a venture of his own.

It is obvious that there is no match for Arnab in the English news media , hence let’s wish him a fruitful and satisfactory venture.

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