Arbaaz khan in IPL betting

Arbaaz khan is summoned in relation to IPL betting by Thane police. The high profile bookie Sonu Jalan was investigated by Mumbai cops and part of the investigation, the police seemed to have grabbed crucial information about the involvement many more film celebrities. The pics of Arbaaz khan with the bookie Sonu Jalan are out by the media. It is interesting to see whether the Khan man will face the law atleast in this crime as his super star Salman khan is well known to be arrested in various cases and then released in hours.

Arbaaz khan ipl betting

The Man associated with Arbaaz was earlier arrested in 2008 for ipl betting. The information of Arbaaz betting on which matches is yet to be known , however the reports suggest that not just Arbaaz but more bigger celebs are involved in the fixing. 

Mean while, Netizens trolled Arbaaz for being part of this incident and expressed their opinion that he will escape from this case too just like his brother claiming it was not he but his driver did the betting ….

twitter troll Arbaaz khan for match fixing and betting scandals

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