Amnesty report on Muzaffarnagar riots

Amnesty international’s Indian wing has released a report on Muzaffarnagar riots and highlighted the issue of Rape victims of one community and ignored the other community sufferings. This remembers the various NGOs reports on Gujarat riots of 2002 where the reports were showcasing the victims of one community whereas they ignored the hundreds of killings in Godhra train burn. Amnesty international is losing it’s trust day by day with it’s vested interests and selective approach on various issues. And the Most Important thing to be noticed is ::  Why did Amnesty release this report now during the Uttar Pradesh General elections????  IS SOME ONE BEHIND THIS??  ELECTION COMMISSION SHOULD KEEP AN EYE ON THESE MATTERS…………………………………………………… YOU CANNOT DO THESE SORT OF THINGS DURING ELECTIONS, AS THIS COULD CHANGE THE DECISIONS OF VOTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amnesty report on muzaffar nagar riots


There have been numerous communal riots happened in India since independence, however only few are reported by media and NGos. Recently, the West Bengal state had gone through various protests and riots happened in Malda and other back ward regions where locals had to flee leaving their properties and wealth and media reported nothing. Even the people on Social media have blasted Media master minds like Rajdeep and Barkha dutt about ignoring these deadly riots of one community joining hands with Bangladeshi Immigrants and burning the local police station ( It is suspected that this act was too destroy the criminal and illegal immigrant records in police station) and brutally attacking the local residents.  The educated locals have expressed their sufferings on internet with various others across India and also to the media but neither media nor the NGOs have bothered to look in to this. The same issue could be related to the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits who were kicked out of their home lands 3 decades and still struggling for the justice.


Amnesty International seems to have gone blind on these issues or they may be in their dream land state that Indians cant recognize their selective approach and mission. In this internet age, Information pass even before the media reports and it would be better if the NGOs like Amnesty and others understand this much before Indians kick them out from their mother land.

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