Actress Trisha is Dead

Tamil actress Trisha died this week , infact killed by some Tamilians. The south Indian actress who is famous in Telugu and Tamil is dead due to HIV infection as per some Internet users. The reason for this sensational and sarcastic fake news is ” Jallikattu” the Bull festival conducted in Tamil nadu every year during Sankranti. Let’s have a look how Jallikattu lead to the social media death of Gorgeous Trisha.

Actress Trisha dead due to Jallikatu

Trisha Krishnan the south Indian actress who is also a PETA member ( the Animal protection activists group) has expressed her views on Jallikattu and demanded that the Bull show game should be banned as it leads to Animal cruelty.  As there is a huge uproar of activists across India to Ban this ancient Indian festival , Trisha too added her voice telling that this game is hurting animals and it is a cruel act.


This made Jallikattu lovers and traditional Tamilians get furious about her. The Irate mob who is already pissed off with various organisations and personalities calling for a ban on this traditional event, was much irritated with Trisha’s involvement and showed their expression by killing her on social media. It is being virally publicised that she died of HIV.


Lol , this seems to be funny but Trisha or for that matter any PETA activists never had issues with Cow/Bull killings and they all meant go on hibernation due to the Bakrid festival and they come back to the social world on Diwali and then again on Jallikattu season.

Trisha comments on jalli kattu

This selective movements of so called intellectuals ( it is  a trend of calling them Pseudo intellectuals by some due to their selective outrage on social issues ) is irritating Indians ever since Modi sworn in as PM.  The activists who are against Modi/ RSS are showing their intention by raising their voice against Hindu and Desi cultural events. The orgs like PETA come up and yell only on these sort of festivals and go disappear on Bakrid when blood of animals  flow like river in India.


Jallikattu is an ancient Tamil festival where Bulls of local breed are let run through a narrow passage which is surrounded by a humongous crowd. This is display the strength of the bull and  more Humans are injured than Bulls in this event.  PETA is not bothered about KodiPandhalu ( The cock fight) in Andhra Pradesh where crores of money gets exchanged through bets on cock fight during Sankrani.

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