700+ piligrims died in Mecca again.

700+ piligrams are reported to dead in Mina stampede in Mecca. The incident took place at the zone where all the piligrims are supposed to hit the Satan rock with stones as per the Haj rituals. The stampede occurred in a narrow path way leading to the stoning zone when thousands of pilgrims rushed at a time.

Mecca stampede

It was really disappointing for the entire Islam community as they had to wake up with this news in the morning of their holy festival ” Bakr-eid” on which they sacrifice the goat/sheep and celebrate the day in the devotion to Allah along with family.

The reports say that around 725 people are dead and more than 200 pilgrims are injured and are immediately taken to the medical aid.

The near by hospital street was filled with the number of Ambulances and witnessed the havoc all around.

This is not new that these sort of things happened in Mecca but this is second major incident of human loss happening at Mecca in the past 2 decades. Multiple of other small incidents took place and collectively around 4000 people were reported to be died in Mecca due to accidents during HAJ in the past 2 decades.

In 1990, more than 1400 pilgrims have lost their lives in the stampede at mecca and this is second most disastrous incident . Multiple other incidents took placing costing 100+ lives each time.

We were aware that recently the crane crash had cost the lives of 110+ pilgrims and many were injured.

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