10 Best Telugu movies to watch by North Indians

The 10 Best Telugu movies which can watched by North Indians or infact any non Telugu speaker. Lot of Telugu movies are dubbed in to Hindi and are telecasted daily on Hindi channels like Sony Max,colors etc.. However, Few movies give an akward feeling while watching and gives you a bad impression on south Indian movies due to their mindless action of people flying in air when kicked by the lead actor and some unbelievable cinematic scenes. Therefore, we have decided to list some classic cults which are must watched by the regular Bollywood audience who would love to watch some versatile Telugu movies. It is well known fact that Telugu stars like Allu Arjun, Mahesh babu and Prabhas are hugely popular among north Indians but there are others actors too whose movies are worth watching.

10. Temper :

“Temper” Junior NTR starrer COP drama directed by Puri Jagannadh revolves around a corrupted police officer who at the end brings a rapist gang to the justice in an interesting way. The climax twist leaves every one stunned as it is highly unbelievable ( Thanks to story writer for thinking different).

IMDB rating : 7.4 /10.00

Temper collected around 45 Cr at the box office and gave a kick start Junior NTR who was lagging behind with continuous flops.

9. Karthikeya :

The Suspense thriller revolving around a mysterious temple with unique feature of attracting enormous amount of light on a full moon day once in a year. The relatively low budget movie collected 3 times more than it’s budget and left buyers , distributors and producer with huge profits.

IMDB rating : 7.4/100

8. Khadgam :  

The Krishnavamshi directorial venture is mix of multiple characters with different emotions and issues ultimately suggesting the concept of “Unity in diversity” . The movie revolves around multiple people like a typical patriotic muslim with a Terrorist brother, A young chap aiming to be a film hero and a young woman who steps in city from a remote area to find an opportunity of becoming an actress, a young police officer who loses his girl friend in an encounter with terrorists etc….  Some terrific dialogues and spectacular screenplay with gripping direction will let you remember the movie forever.

IMDB rating :  7.6/100


7. Pelli Choopulu :

A small budget movie ( less than 80 lakhs, Yes! it was sold to out Suresh productions for just 95 lakhs) which almost look like a short film but with professional taking and a different screenplay was directed by a debutant director and had the acting crew of almost all new comers. The movie collected around 18 Cr at the box office ( mostly in multiplex and A centers) and gave producer and buyer 10 times more than what they invested and left Shell shocked the entire film industry. This young love story which revolves around a couple who happen to meet in “Pelli choopulu” ( a tradition to meet the bride for first time to know each other) mistakenly and finally fall in love.


IMDB rating :  8.4


6.Athadu :

The Mahesh Babu starrer action flick was directed by Trivikram Srinivas was released in 2006 and remained one of the top grosser for the year. Mahesh wasn’t a super star by then and most of the Telugu audience missed watching it in Theatres as he was a rated as a mediocre star during those times. However, Once the movie was telecasted on TV, it grabbed the attention of the entire telugu audience. It is one of the most watched Telugu movies on TV by Telugu audience. The TV channels have renewed the telecasting rights for whooping amount.

best telugu movies to watch out for

The acting Everest Mahesh has carried the entire movie on his acting skills. The movie shows how Mahesh presents any expression with just eyes.

IMDB rating : 8.4 /10


5. Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy :

The Nani starrer love story revolves around a boy with short term memory loss who fall in love with a girl whose father hates people with disorders and failures. The script was handled in a funny way about how the lead actors rescues himself from the issues arriving due to this memory loss. The comedy love story collected almost 3 times more than it’s budget and remained as one of the highest grosser for the upcoming star ” Nani”.



4. Eega ( dubbed as Maqqi in Hindi) :

Eega was directed S.S.Rajamouli who later went to direct “Bahubali”. The movie Eega revolves around the house fly which takes the revenge of his murder in his past life of human being. One will not feel that he is watching a graphic designed Fly but a natural insect which smartly destroys the empire of a highly influenced criminal.

IMDB rating  :  7.9 / 10


3. Gautami Putra Satakarni :

The Balakrishna starrer was a historical biography of one of the greatest indian king ” Gautami putra Satakarni” belonging to Satavahana dynasty. Most of the movie includes wars done by this great king explaining how he grabbed all the small kingdoms of ancient India making it one large country under one ruler.  It has some mind boggling war scenes which surpasses that of Bahubali but shockingly the movie was just made with the budget of around 50cr. The Dialogues penned for the lead actor are equally powerful which raises the bar high .

IMDB rating : 7.3/10


2. One Nenokkadine :

One Starring Super star Mahesh Babu was an average grosser at the box office but was a huge hit on Internet and at overseas box office of Telugu cinema. It was well appreciated by critics but could not understand by masses. Hence it failed at box office to reach it’s standards but movie lovers consider this as one of the most brilliant Telugu movies ever made.


The suspense thriller revolves around a rock star who losses his parents in child hood and suffers from a sort of hallucination of killing the murderers of his parents and also feels that the same people are haunting him too. The complicated screen play ( which is apt for the story of a guy who hallucinates about things which are shown and also the same things happen in reality with some little changes) is not for dumbs as it confuses with multiple scenes repeating again and again with difference.


IMDB rating : 8.5 /100


1. Bahubali / Ghazi :

These both are the block busters made by Telugu directors with most of the Telugu actors. Since every one knows about Bahubali, it is time to talk about ” Ghazi” the sub marine based movie mostly shot underwater revolves around the 1971 Indo pak war where the Pakistan sub marine ” Ghazi” was planning to attack the port city Vishakapatnam through sea. It is all about the drama of how Ghazi was destroyed by Indian sub marine S1 and protecting the Indian city.


The gripping screenplay and brilliant and simple taking with relatively low budget and no songs and any other unnecessary commercial elements.







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